keep your heart open| thanksgiving yoga series

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I’m running a Turkey Trot with Julian and our friends. By doing so, I’m opening up my heart and sharing gratitude for my body, for being able to move and breathe. Post-run is all about nourishing the body  with a yoga flow to lengthen and stretch and also with yummy food – let the Thanksgiving feasting begin!

So, today’s the day where you start sharing what you’re grateful for over a delicious meal with loved ones. So before we start the cooking, let’s flow – it’s all about opening your heart today. This flow by Yoga with Adrienne will inspire gratitude as you practice courage and vulnerability as you stay open. As you open your heart, throat, and shoulders, find gratitude for the courage you have manifested into your life, and how it’s helped you through any challenge, big or small. Now surrender to what you already have and let’s begin.