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Friday Favorites

So lately I’ve been asking, how are you feeling? No, no, how are you REALLY feeling? 

As our shelter in place has been extended for another month, a whirlwind of emotions have been coming over: fear, uncertainty, confusion, loss, just to name a few… I have to remind myself to feel my feelings then understand why am I feeling this way? does it really serve me? 

Now that the world is under shelter in place, I have found myself to have so much more time to do things I normally wouldn’t. Meditation has been helping quite a lot to navigate through my feelings. Then I begin to find other outlets through self care, such as teaching yoga, working out and creating a better skin routine. I found myself reaching for the same things the past two weeks, here are my favorites: 

  1. Buff – we don’t have available n95 masks so I am using this to provide some protection against people who don’t know how to practice safe social distancing
  1. Tone It Up App – I’m so glad that the girls, Karena and Katrina, have been able to provide their workouts and app for free during this time. I have been able to get my workouts in the living room and bond with my roommates. 
  1. Digital scale – For some reason, I left my scale at my parents house when I moved out to the Bay Area and have always forgotten to bring it up with me. Now that we’re going through the shelter in place, there’s no way I’m getting my scale anytime soon, but I wanted to bake so I purchased a cheap scale. I have to say, it’s small and sleek, works great so far and I was able to make a delicious cheesecake! Since it’s small the placement of the window is tucked under any large bowls you’re working with, so just a heads up. Other than that, it doesn’t take much space in the kitchen, which I love! 
  1. Instant Coffee – dalgona’s anyone? This has been so popular on the internet and I have to say that while it is delicious and fun to drink, I also ran out of regular coffee so have been drinking this as regular coffee in the mornings before jumping onto a morning conference call. 
  1. FRE moisturizer and serum – I did receive these from the company to try out and I have to say its a great way to stay moisturized
  1. Dry shampoo – need I say more? 

Done > Perfect

I fell off the bandwagon of posting and just getting back to designing the website after switching platforms. Shit happened, things got busy, etc. I know it’s all excuses, but I’ve been writing still.. just went old school and wrote everything down on paper.

This year, I’ve adopted the bullet journal. If you haven’t heard about bullet journaling, read more about it here. They claim it’s the analog system for the digital age. It’s been my wine list, calendar, my to-do list, diary, random lists, expense sheets, basically my everything notebook. The idea is to start with a plain notebook and create the pages as you go. It allows the freedom for creative minds, but allows freedom for simplicity. So on some pages you’ll see doodles, other pages you’ll see lists. The dotted notebook I use is perfect for this!

Index pages and the key symbols are core to the bullet journal. It keeps up with the organization of it all, otherwise it would be a big mess – which is probably where it is now since I’m lazy to fill out the index and number the pages. But, I do find the key symbols to be so so useful when note-taking. It’s a great way to prioritize and it’s a great feeling to cross items out.

While I’m working, the notebook lives on my desk opened so that I can easily scan through my notes and get shit done!


Why Boxing?

One late evening at Hill Street, I was packing up my gloves and wraps into my gym bag, getting ready to leave the gym. I was talking to one of the guys I trained with and he asked me how I got into boxing. The five year old within replied, “because I want to be a warrior princess!”

Growing up, I loved spending Saturday afternoons watching Zena marathons and as I got older, I started watching Arrow and fell in love with the character, Shado. Then came the Marvel movie, Wonder Woman *heart eyes. Although I really do sound like a five year old using fictional characters as my inspiration, I truly believe strong is the new sexy and I definitely feel both when I am at the gym.

I feel so much more confident if need be (thoughts of when I was robbed in Paris). I get to be around strong people, mentally and physically. I find that yoga compliments boxing really well, boxing as yang and yoga as yin. And overall, boxing is such a great workout that just makes me feel like a badass.

Boxing is a HIIT lover’s dream. First few rounds consist of skipping rope, shadow boxing, then hitting the bags. You’re throwing various combinations, whether you’re working on technique or speed, you give it your all for 3 minutes per round.

So when life throws you punches, throw them right back!

Mental Toughness

The past six months have definitely been one for the books. A lot has happened since then: I finished my yoga training, picked up studio jobs to teach, went through two rounds of layoffs at work, followed by more than half my peers resigning, manage to train in boxing and eat well…. I definitely have to say, sh*t’s been real.

Mental toughness has been the thing that keeps my life and sanity together. I don’t miss my workouts; I show up to my classes and when they’re empty, I take the time to practice my sequencing; I don’t miss my project deadlines; and I always have my team’s back.

It’s all the little things that build mental toughness. Made it to the gym? Enjoyed a well balanced meal? Parked a little farther for 15 extra steps? Deliver a project a day earlier than expected? Think about it, if you haven’t pushed yourself in the small things, it’ll be hard to push yourself when the going gets tough. Celebrate those wins!