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Beginning Your Meditation Practice

During shelter in place, one of the most important habits I’ve formed is a daily meditation practice. It wasn’t easy, but it is so worth it — I promise!

Are you looking to start your meditation practice? Feeling that you need clarity and focus throughout your day? Meditation has helped me to be more intentional with every action through my work, meals, movement and everyday life.

Here are a few tips to get you started into your meditation practice. You don’t have to do them all at once, feel free to pick and choose what most resonates with you. Let’s start the journey within:

  1. Do it first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day, to focus inward and on yourself before dealing with the rest of life’s happenings. I know, getting out of bed is the hard part, but I promise you will feel so much better!
  2. Set your timer for 5 minutes. When you’re just getting started, you may find a 5 minute meditation is easy to accomplish. I think it’s a perfect start! As you begin to get into the groove of your meditation practice, begin to increase each session by another 5 minutes. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself meditating with ease and comfort for longer amounts of time. But start off small!
  3. Create a zoned off space for your meditation. For me, it is on my yoga mat in the corner of my bedroom. For you, it might be a comfortable chair, in your garden, on the porch step, your bathtub, underneath a sunny windowsill… pick a spot. It will help to create a routine. Once you have your spot, you have the option to create it in a way you love with cushions, plants, altars, blankets and rugs. The limits are endless! For me, less is more.
  4. Playing some background music. It could be white noise like ocean waves, or some acoustics that feels soothing to you. Some times I love listening to birds chirp, other days I like heavy bass. Have fun with this!
  5. Count your breaths. When I studied at the temples, one of our leaders asked us to meditate for ten minutes and many of the younger children could not sit still. She asked us to count our breaths and I found this to be so helpful. Now in my classes, I use this method of counting after each breath as a way to help bring focus.
  6. Scan your body. Deepen your awareness of your body, starting from the crown of your head, to your jaw, your shoulders, core, and sit bones on the floor. Notice your hands on your lap or the bend of your knee, the legs and feet onto the floor.

So, give it a try and comment below on any other tips that work for you to settle into your meditation practice.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can enhance your wellness journey and be life changing. I encourage you to incorporate a daily meditation into your new week and am sharing the below Body Scan tip on my IGTV.

flow with gratitude | thanksgiving yoga series

Fall is here and you can’t help to feel grateful as Thanksgiving is just around the corner, in TEN days! Gratitude is the practice of loving of what you already have and it definitely flows hand in hand with your well-being.

Throughout the next ten days, you’re going to feel better than ever. You’re going to be moving your body and making the best choices that are aligned with your goals. You’ll be strong and committed. You will AMAZE yourself!

Life ebbs and flows and sometimes it’s hard to practice gratitude. Today you will learn to cultivate gratitude by practicing yoga. Now let’s get on your mat, flow, and focus on gratitude for your breath, without it, you wouldn’t be here, in the now.

We’ll begin the series with a Sun Salutations A flow, just to introduce movement to your body. As you go through the flow, pay close attention to your breath and how your body is responding throughout. Watch the video here on IG:

Now imagine yourself a year ago: where you were, what you were doing… then think of how far you have come today, the things you have accomplished, projects you’ve finished, people you’ve met since a year ago. It’s amazing all the things we’re capable of, so make every moment count. We’ll get real about your gratitude practice and look back this Thanksgiving in ten days to reflect.