Making Moves

With the new year having just started, I’m transitioning in almost every aspect of my life and there has been a lot going on. My life honestly took this “new year, new me” bullshit to the next level. However, I personally think that you shouldn’t wait for a specific day to start on something, you have 365 chances a year to start new, so why wait? And if you didn’t jump on the chance to start something on the 1st, don’t even think about putting yourself down for it. Start NOW!

So the new year brings the office moving 5 floors down, grad school applications due next month, gym goers are killing my grind with no workout space, and my sports league is ending this week, prompting me to join Sip n Serve for tennis. So I figured why not go with the flow and move the site over to a  blogging tool? As a project manager, I’m all about delegating to make my life easier all while getting shit done.

I was frustrated with my previous setup on the desktop version – it wasn’t pleasing to the eye. I guess that’s one thing I didn’t pay attention to in my responsive web development class, whoops. Also, one of the biggest downfalls of creating everything from scratch was that I needed to carry my laptop with me when I traveled.  So I figured that with this new setup, I could just jump onto my phone and blog away whenever. I’m getting used to this all so I’ll slowly start revamping the site because ain’t nobody got time for sites that don’t work.

And though it seems like a lot of change for over a week into the new year, I’m just going with the flow, embracing every single moment of it.


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