Done > Perfect

I fell off the bandwagon of posting and just getting back to designing the website after switching platforms. Shit happened, things got busy, etc. I know it’s all excuses, but I’ve been writing still.. just went old school and wrote everything down on paper.

This year, I’ve adopted the bullet journal. If you haven’t heard about bullet journaling, read more about it here. They claim it’s the analog system for the digital age. It’s been my wine list, calendar, my to-do list, diary, random lists, expense sheets, basically my everything notebook. The idea is to start with a plain notebook and create the pages as you go. It allows the freedom for creative minds, but allows freedom for simplicity. So on some pages you’ll see doodles, other pages you’ll see lists. The dotted notebook I use is perfect for this!

Index pages and the key symbols are core to the bullet journal. It keeps up with the organization of it all, otherwise it would be a big mess – which is probably where it is now since I’m lazy to fill out the index and number the pages. But, I do find the key symbols to be so so useful when note-taking. It’s a great way to prioritize and it’s a great feeling to cross items out.

While I’m working, the notebook lives on my desk opened so that I can easily scan through my notes and get shit done!


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