Matcha Meetings

Some days, life gets the better of me and results in “no time” for anything.

Well, more like my priorities aren’t in line with what I really want them to be. Work gets the better of me, I enroll myself in classes I think I’d enjoy and it ends up being a drab, working out becomes part of a routine (but more in a monotonous and boring way). I’ve felt in the past few months, I haven’t been able to focus on my own goals, even though I’m doing the things I like. So, recently I’ve been attending “matcha meetings” with myself.

Why matcha meetings?

Well, first of all, matcha is just straight up good for you with so many antioxidants. Second, tea > coffee – maybe it has something to do with my cultural background. Thirdly, matcha lattes are easily accessible to American cafes than something like a roasted Japanese Genmaicha (my fav) in a teapot. And lastly, it’s just a chance to reconnect with myself and check-in with what’s going on.

So what’s on the agenda for these meetings?

Honestly, they vary! But I stick to these two items: where am I having my tea and  what activity will be my focus? Some days, I make my own matcha at home, while other days, I explore new local cafes. I use the time to check-in to see what things need to be done and what my current goals are or it’s a free for all where I get to choose something like working on my knitted projects, learning a new language (duolingo ftw), catch up on homework for yoga training, read through a novel, edit photos… The most important thing I gain from these meetings is a sense of peace walking away from the hour where I showed up for myself and got shit done!

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