Mental Toughness

The past six months have definitely been one for the books. A lot has happened since then: I finished my yoga training, picked up studio jobs to teach, went through two rounds of layoffs at work, followed by more than half my peers resigning, manage to train in boxing and eat well…. I definitely have to say, sh*t’s been real.

Mental toughness has been the thing that keeps my life and sanity together. I don’t miss my workouts; I show up to my classes and when they’re empty, I take the time to practice my sequencing; I don’t miss my project deadlines; and I always have my team’s back.

It’s all the little things that build mental toughness. Made it to the gym? Enjoyed a well balanced meal? Parked a little farther for 15 extra steps? Deliver a project a day earlier than expected? Think about it, if you haven’t pushed yourself in the small things, it’ll be hard to push yourself when the going gets tough. Celebrate those wins!

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