Why Boxing?

One late evening at Hill Street, I was packing up my gloves and wraps into my gym bag, getting ready to leave the gym. I was talking to one of the guys I trained with and he asked me how I got into boxing. The five year old within replied, “because I want to be a warrior princess!”

Growing up, I loved spending Saturday afternoons watching Zena marathons and as I got older, I started watching Arrow and fell in love with the character, Shado. Then came the Marvel movie, Wonder Woman *heart eyes. Although I really do sound like a five year old using fictional characters as my inspiration, I truly believe strong is the new sexy and I definitely feel both when I am at the gym.

I feel so much more confident if need be (thoughts of when I was robbed in Paris). I get to be around strong people, mentally and physically. I find that yoga compliments boxing really well, boxing as yang and yoga as yin. And overall, boxing is such a great workout that just makes me feel like a badass.

Boxing is a HIIT lover’s dream. First few rounds consist of skipping rope, shadow boxing, then hitting the bags. You’re throwing various combinations, whether you’re working on technique or speed, you give it your all for 3 minutes per round.

So when life throws you punches, throw them right back!

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