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Holiday Hustle

With the holidays creeping up on us in a couple of days, I can’t seem to think that in a season where we are to be grateful for everything and unwind, I feel so stressed out, thoughts of what presents are still on my list, events I need to attend, what I’m going to cook for said events fill my mind…

But then I think of what I’ve learned in my Yoga Teacher Training… in yoga, there is a great saint named Patanjali who reminds us, when the mind becomes confused or filled with doubt, the cure and the remedy is to BREATHE DEEP.

And with this simple cure, I’ve been able to clear my mind and enjoy the time with my family and friends. I’ve been able to get shit done by relaxing a bit, because if you’re anything like me, being stressed and rushing just causes little mistakes here and there. And even if I’ve been eating one too many tamales, I BREATHE DEEP and know that I’m enjoying the season of tamales and tamalizas (tamale making party) and go for a bike ride or a walk to help nourish my body.

Breathe deep and be thankful for your life source, the thing that’s keeping you alive at this very moment.