flow with gratitude | thanksgiving yoga series

Fall is here and you can’t help to feel grateful as Thanksgiving is just around the corner, in TEN days! Gratitude is the practice of loving of what you already have and it definitely flows hand in hand with your well-being.

Throughout the next ten days, you’re going to feel better than ever. You’re going to be moving your body and making the best choices that are aligned with your goals. You’ll be strong and committed. You will AMAZE yourself!

Life ebbs and flows and sometimes it’s hard to practice gratitude. Today you will learn to cultivate gratitude by practicing yoga. Now let’s get on your mat, flow, and focus on gratitude for your breath, without it, you wouldn’t be here, in the now.

We’ll begin the series with a Sun Salutations A flow, just to introduce movement to your body. As you go through the flow, pay close attention to your breath and how your body is responding throughout. Watch the video here on IG: https://bit.ly/2ODWfO8

Now imagine yourself a year ago: where you were, what you were doing… then think of how far you have come today, the things you have accomplished, projects you’ve finished, people you’ve met since a year ago. It’s amazing all the things we’re capable of, so make every moment count. We’ll get real about your gratitude practice and look back this Thanksgiving in ten days to reflect.



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