Touch Your Toes

“It’s not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.”

When I taught yoga, I remember students introduced themselves to me as newbies and asked how they could they do __________. (ex. how to touch my toes) It’s a question I hated answering because it’s everything students don’t want to hear: patience and consistency (obviously there are the physical aspects such as open up your hamstrings and lower back). But really, that’s what yoga is all about, learning more about yourself, being present with your body and patience to show up every damn day.

My question back to the students, “well, why do you want to __________?” It’s ok if the answers are superficial, I know mine were partially when I first started.

To this day, there are still asanas (poses) that I have that are goals, such as headstand. I think it’s ok though to enjoy the journey / progress rather negatively obsessing over why I still can’t do it yet but I also believe that showing up to the mat is enough.

This morning, I woke up and showed up to the beach, rolled out my mat and started to flow. I finished the beach visit by 9:30 AM and felt the weather was perfect in the Bay Area. Flow with me…

Namaste yogis,


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